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Invitation to celebrate the final conference of LIFE Operation CO2 project and the 25th anniversary of LIFE Programme

The LIFE  Operation COproject comes to its ends and kindly invite us to celebrate its final conference - INITIATIVES IN MITIGATING CLIMATE CHANGE

The event is divided into five main chapters:

1. General presentation of the LIFE Operation CO2 project. The partners will explain the results and conclusions obtained, as well as the perspectives that are presented for the future
2. Participation of three special guests. Discussion topic: Climate Change Mitigation Policies in the Agroforestry Sector
3. Networking session: Round table: experience and impact of other LIFE and H2020 projects
4. POSTER session. Presentation of other LIFE related projects (We are specially invited in this session)
5. Technical visit (optional) to the experimental field (Soto Cerrato)

To download the programme click here.