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Large attendance at the Aqua Nederland Trade Fair 2017


During the 21st and 23rd of March 2017, the  Aqua Nederland Trade Fair 2017 took place in Gorinchem.


Aqua Nederland Trade Fair 2017 is the most successful water trade fair in the Netherlands. During this edition, the fair were able to welcome over 340 exhibitors. Some exhibitions presented the latest innovations and products in the field of water treatment, management and technology. The Aqua Nederland Trade Fair took place simultaneously with the RioleringsVakdagen and it were able to welcome over 10,000 professionals in the field. 

Project partner BOSMAN actively took part of the exhibition with a stand, where they could explain the filtration technology FUZZY FILTER which has also plays a decisive role in our project.

During the event, the BOSMAN team took the opportunity to distribute promotional leaflets from the LIFE SMART FERTIRRIGATION project and explain to the different attendees the project scope and the technologies that are developed in order to use the liquid fraction from the digestate as liquid fertilizer.