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Technical Monitoring meeting in COPISO

On the 14th of October, the technical coordinators José Antonio, Eduardo and Arturo Daudén met at COPISO facilities in Soria, to monitor the advances in the proyect execution and planning the next crop campain in relation to ACTION B.4: Fertilizer integration of liquid into the irrigation system + field testing. Furthermore, they discussed the determination of the corresponding schedule. 


1. Crop cycles
Field test # 1 – Maize and wheat: change crop cycles to a Barley-Corn-Cereal
Field Test #2 – Wheat and Sunflower: change barley for wheat in the first trial of fertigation.

Justification: Adapt crop cycles to the availability of liquid fraction treated in the anaerobic digestion of Pural. The amendments adopted do not change the initial objectives of the project since they are still using crops that are representative of the area.

2. Planning the fertilization with digestate in alfalfa.
Period: Beginning of the latent period of the crop. Good conditions for the entry of machinery are given.
A banded application, according to experimental design.

Dose approximately 20 m3/ha
Application method: tanker with multitube system application
- Take a digestate sample of the PURAL plant in each of the tanks
- Deliver it to the laboratory  
- Analysis: Ntotal, Nammonia, P and K