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PURINES ALMAZAN (PURAL) is one of the Spanish leaders in the field of valorization of organic waste from the farming and agro-food industry by using innovative and sustainable technologies. Pural´s main objective is to minimize the environmental impact of waste from farming and agro-food industries.

All of Pural business activities directly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions which in 2013 resulted in avoidance of 8.019 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Pural uses the newest technologies and techniques in pursuing its aim for environmental respect and protection. For instance, the anaerobic digestion system, which is an organic waste process for obtaining biogas and digestate with the absence of oxygen. This process has tremendous environmental advantages: provides a continuous and sustainable management of farming and agro-food waste, also bio-fertilizers which are able to replace the organic ones.

Part of Pural´s Business Strategy is investing its own resources in R&D activities. An important example is the algae investigation, focused mainly on using CO2recovered from biogasupgradingto biomethane, in order to obtain an algae biomass that can be used as feedstock for the anaerobic digestion process.Pural has gained experience at national and international level through participating and leading various international projects.

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