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Bosman Watermanagement International B.V.

Bosman Watermanagement is a ‘solution- provider’ for customer-specific projects in the field of water management dedicated to developing and realizing pumping stations as well as waste water treatment plants.

In 1929, Molenbouw Bosman established Bosman Watermanagement. The Bosman company has since been producing iron wind water mills, manufacturing pumping installations and water treatment plants. Bosman Watermanagement has worked in many special water projects.

In the course of its presence, Bosman Watermanagement has gained a lot of experience and built up a lot of expertise in the area of wastewater treatment. The main objective during all these years was to minimize waste, develop high quality products, design and produce in a sustainable way in a short time frame. This led to the development of plate aerators and the Fuzzy Filters which are aeration systems for biological wastewater treatment that combine excellent oxygen transfer efficiency with a long service life. The main characteristics of the systems are:

  • High filtration speed
  • High solid storage capacity
  • Continuous operation feasible
  • Compact design
  • Low operation cost
  • No loss of filter medial
  • Low wash-water consumption
  • Modular design
  • Easy to use in existing installation
  • Made entirely from stainless steel

Bosman has been exporting since many years and has tested its systems in many different environments, among them are Italy, Spain, Germany, UK and Russia.

Our engineers are multi-lingual and have specialized in many customer-based projects; therefore they are used to work in international project teams.

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