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Irrigation Community of Almazán

The Irrigation Community of the Almazán Channel is a non-profit, non-political organization whose main objective is defending the interests and rights of its members, which nowadays cover an area of 5.000 hectares. The organization is dedicated to the water management in relation to irrigation with superficial and subterranean water.

The Irrigation Community of the Almazán Channel is having a strong sustainable view towards water saving, which resulted in improved efficiency and water saving approach to irrigation by dripping and spraying. The main irrigating crops are potato, beet, alfalfa, carrots, lettuce, beans and spinach.

The participation in the LIFE project represents a chance for the Irrigation Community to increase society´s awareness of the sustainable irrigation practices as well as an opportunity to benefit from working in an international environment. The Irrigation Community of Almazán is currently carrying out a modernization project in Soria province which is co-funded by The European Regional Development Fund, aiming for a more effective and efficient network of water division towards our members´ lands.

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