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COPISO SORIA is a leading agricultural cooperative initially established by stockbreeders with the aim of buying animal feed collectively. Shortly after that, they realized of the importance and benefits of cooperation in the field and new members joined, which led to the creation of the two main sections of COPISO: Feed and Crop Cultivation. Currently, COPISO has more than 1.231 members.

COPISO forms a big part of the agro-livestock activities in Soria and it is one of the main economic and social drivers in the area; it is considered as an example of the agro-stock production of Spanish agriculture. Among its services and products are: compound feed, porcine sale, veterinarian services, sale of cereals, legume, sunflower, maize, seeds, warehousing services, etc. COPISO participates and initiates numerous research, development and innovation projects for quality improvement of pork meat considering nutrition and legume use in the elaboration of feed.

With more than 700 animal farmers, COPISO counts for 70% of the porcine production in SORIA. COPISO has also more than 850 agricultural farmers, produces 113.126 tons of cereals and has 12.560t of sunflower stored at its own warehouses. COPISO is aware of the fact that cooperation should keep improving, the reason why it founded and joined numerous organizations at national level, such as COOPCYL, URCACYL or FERTIDEYCO.

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