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Dorset Agrar- und Umwelttechnik GmbH

Dorset Group, market leader in biomass drying systems, is a family enterprise at which all products are self-developed and designed, as well as self-manufactured and marketed.

Dorset is present in the markets of Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and the United States, providing manufactured products ranging from biomass drying systems, RFID products, air cleaning systems and pig-farm equipment. Their technologies and products have various applications, for example, they can be applied in drying variety of waste products, dust and odour removal, animal identification, industrial applications and security products.

One of business activities of Dorset is the development of Dorset Green Machines for conveyor belt drying systems. The concept lays in using residual heat in biogas installations and in case of a biogas installation it replaces the emergency cooler, also due to the extremely low airflow no dust is generated.  The machine offers enormous benefits for the environment, among them are low energy consumption, no chemical releases in the air and no dust generation.

Dorset realizes the importance of international development and cooperation in addition to their strategy towards sustainable development and a proof for this is European Union support in Dorset Identification development. Dorset’s participation in the project represents an opportunity to expand its network throughout Europe and to demonstrate for the first time the recycling of the partially cleaned waste water to remove ammonia from still contaminated air after drying of the solid fraction. This particular innovation is expected to lead to even more sustainable and cost-effective operations. Dorset is willing to share our knowledge and learn new know-how techniques with other European counterparts.

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