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Successful celebration of the final conference in Soria

On December 3, the final conference of the LIFE SMART FERTIRRIGATION project was held at the COPISO cooperative in Soria. The room was full and the dissemination of the results was a success.

The following topics were discussed:

10:45 Introduction to the LIFE Smart Fertirrigation project by Javier Peinado (IMASDE)

11:00 Technological innovations in the transformation of slurry by Luis Leyda (TEQBIO)

11:30 Fertirrigation from digestate and liquid slurry fraction by Arturo Daudén (Expert in slurry)

12:00 Effect of the inclusion of phytases in feed by Pascual López (COPISO)

12:15 Life Cycle Analysis of the slurry transformed by Victor Delcoso (EHS Techniques S.L)

12:30 Efficient use of resources in Sorianas farms by Eduardo Pascual (COPISO)


Moreover, 3 other LIFE Projects and 1 H2020 project attended the conference.

Below you can see the respective presentations:

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There was a press room where they interviewed the President of COPISO cooperative, Javier Blanco, and Communication Director of the Transfer Consultancy project, Kathy Franco.

Here is an article published by EFE verde in La Vanguardía on December 3.

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