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The farmers of Almazán and Olmillos drive the innovation and profitability of their irrigation - Training course

The farmers of Almazán and Olmillos drive the innovation and profitability of their irrigation


The Training Course of the Community of Irrigators of Almazán & Soriactiva aim to achieve the saving of water and energy, technological innovation or direct fertilization through the irrigation system. Soriactiva already has everything ready to create, as far as the farmers of the Almazán Channel want, a society or collective enterprise that manages and facilitates the production and commercialization of crops, to promote irrigation in the region.

Irrigators of the Irrigating Community of the Almazán Canal, accompanied by farmers from the Olmillos Canal and the Campillo de Buitrago (who are going to face the recovery and modernization of this irrigation) have celebrated (5 and 6 February) the course 'Agronomy of the Canal de Almazán Irrigation Zone, with the support of the Soriactiva Foundation of Caja Rural de Soria, to seek savings and efficiency in water and energy consumption. Irrigation with fertilizers has also been treated by injection in the irrigation system itself.  

In this sense, the president of the Community of Irrigators of Almazán, Jesús Manuel Gómez, recalled in the presentation of the course the importance of the LIFE Smart Fertirrigation project, in which this Irrigation Community participates, to achieve the challenge of achieving irrigation with liquid fertilizer from pig manure.

"We have already made some positive first conclusions. It is beginning to make valuations of the tests of irrigation in crops, that have realized in the previous campaign; and in this year, which will be the final auction, we will continue with more trials "in different crops. "The conclusions will be very important", considers Jesús Manuel Gómez. 

"Porcine farms are being made in the region, which will give an important projection to the future of the pig sector in the region. The LIFE project is very interesting, because the farmer could take advantage of the transformation of slurry into liquid fertilizer to eliminate costs of the chemical fertilizer, adds the president of the irrigators of Almazán. "When you see the results and the qualities of the final product, with this liquid slurry, the farmer will value it well. In addition, it will also gain in environmental sustainability, "he said.