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Large attendance at the 2016 Smagua Fair in Zaragoza

During the 8th and 11th of March, the biennial FAIR SMAGUA in Zaragoza took place, for which professionals, technicians and officials related to the water industry gathered to discover and discuss the latest advances in water management and wastewater treatment.

In addition to approach the latest developments in supply, storage, treatment and transport of water, SMAGUA deals also with environment issues such as waste management, energy efficiency and protection of water resources.


Project partner BOSMAN actively took part of the exhibition with a stand, where they could explain the filtration technology FUZZY FILTER which has also plays a decisive role in our project.


During the event, the BOSMAN team took the opportunity to distribute promotional leaflets from the LIFE SMART FERTIRRIGATION project and explain to the different attendees the project scope and the technologies that are developed in order to use the liquid fraction from the digestate as liquid fertilizer.


Finally, in order to optimize travel resources, a technical meeting between the partners BOSMAN and TEQBIO was scheduled to finalize the design of the prototype Fuzzy Filter that will be installed at PURAL´s facilities, another partner of the project. The installation of two tanks will be ordered soon, one will act as a buffer for feeding the filter and another one will store clean water to be used during the backwash process. Meanwhile, the construction of the prototype of the Fuzzy Filter in Piershil (Netherlands) will also start, so that it can be installed in Soria by next May.