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Tecnología Ultravioleta (TeqBio) is a company active in the business of ultraviolet applications for water and air, set up by two of the owners of Teqma.

TeqBio launched its activities with the aim of  becoming an active link between the water and waste water knowledge and technology - in which its owners base a long experience- with those sectors related to biomaterials, including biowastes, products obtained from the treatment of biogenic streams as sludge, digestate and biogas from anaerobic digestion, microalgae, compost, etc.

Through the group of professionals that form TeqBio, including Chemical Engineers and Biologists, the company has an extensive knowledge in water treatment processes, effluent reuse, and biological treatment systems, including those generating biogas from organic waste materials.

TeqBio has acquired experience in European projects through its activities in Teqma over the last years when it took part in R&D projects related to improving water and environment quality, water filtration and reuse, through LIFE and Seventh Framework (FP7) programmes as well as other projects at national level.

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